Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

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Below are all the Terms & Conditions/Privacy of the DJ RyThEm Network and its affliate sites which include DJ RyThEm.CoM, EpicBattles, OneMoreChance, Souljas Media, and ~WLS~WasteLandSouljas.
If you do not agree to the term's or feel your privacy is at rick please do not visit any of the DJ RyThEm Network sites mentioned above.

Terms & Conditions
Any attempts to harm,disturb,dismantle, or wreck this site or its partner sites will result in crimal charges.

This site may contain bad language (text), violent pictures, videos and or media.

You should not view this site unless your 18+ years of age or have parent consent.

All images and site design/layout are or will be copyrighted by djrythem.com.

All media, videos and or clans maybe copyrighted by there respective owners.

Please do not steal, copy or minic this site as such content is and or will be copyrighted.

We do not believe in spyware or viruses but you can never be to safe, So after downloading something from us please scan it with a anti virus program.

You the user use this site at your own risk, If anything should happen to you or your machine while on our site it can not and will not be our fault.

By continuing to use and view our site you the user agree to these terms and conditions, If you do not agree to these terms please leave our site now.

Privacy Policy
This site and its partner sites are privately owned/operated & monitored by 24 hour technicians.

All IP Address, Page Loads, Visitor Lengths, Countries, States, Cities and Times are recorded & watched carefully.

No personal information givin' to us will be used publicly unless givin' consent from you the user.

All of our sites use Cookies to save data from our Community Forums, Voting Polls, Login Information and much more.
These Cookies do not and will not contain any type of virus and or spyware, If you feel they do please delete them.

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